“I've been through 15 treatment centers, psych hospitals and institutions. I learned so much from Seasons about myself that wasn't addressed at other facilities. Issues that needed to be dealt with on a one on one level. Thank you Seasons for helping me and my family.”
Carl B, New York
CARF Accredited Addiction Treatment Center

Seasons in Malibu is a CARF-accredited, dual-diagnosis addiction treatment center specializing in treating a wide variety of addictions, such as alcoholism, opiate addiction, cocaine addiction and prescription drug abuse.

We are very proud that in surveying our clients, more than 95% say they would recommend us to a friend or family member. We believe this is the greatest testament to the compassionate, world-class addiction treatment we offer at Seasons in Malibu.

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Malibu Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment Center

Welcome to Seasons In Malibu, where we provide high quality and life-changing treatment for individuals struggling with addiction, alcoholism and co-occurring disorders. Located in breathtaking Malibu, California, Seasons In Malibu drug rehab was recently rated one of the top rehabs in the world.

We pride ourselves on treating drug and alcohol addiction with a multi-dimensional and holistic approach, and provide our clients a very personalized experience, featuring up to 65 one-on-one treatment sessions a month. Besides the beautiful and spacious environment, which includes panoramic ocean views, our staff of more than 30 is comprised of highly specialized and experienced addiction professionals. All of our therapists are at a master’s level or above, and many hold doctorate and medical degrees from highly respected educational institutions.

Expert Treatment Programs for AddictsMost importantly, during the course of your treatment program, these compassionate professionals will be solely dedicated to making sure you receive the most effective treatment, tailored to your specific needs, that is available today.

Men and women who come to our rehabilitation center receive life-changing treatment that can truly alter the course of their lives for the better. If you or a loved one is ready to do the work, we are so confident that we can achieve success and long-term sobriety that we guarantee it!*

Seasons In Malibu was featured in Psychology Today for their ‘Best In Treatment 2014’ article.


What Makes Us Different

» The Most ONE-ON-ONE THERAPY SESSIONS in the World » A 30 PERSON Treatment Team Focused on Your Recovery
» A High-End, Highly Intensive, EXECUTIVE PROGRAM for the Busy Professional » INNOVATIVE and Cutting Edge HOLISTIC TREATMENT
» A Multi-Dimensional, NON-12-STEP, Approach to Treatment » CUSTOMIZED AFTERCARE and SOBER COMPANION Programs
» A Year’s Worth of Immersion Therapy in One Month » A GUARANTEED SERVICE AGREEMENT*

What We Treat

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We are experts in treating drug addiction and alcoholism, and use the most effective and cutting edge approaches, such as The Seasons Systemic Family Treatment Program. At Seasons, we believe for someone to successfully become rehabilitated and achieve long-term sobriety, they must also heal the family unit and include them, if possible, in counseling, treatment and recovery. Seasons in Malibu also specializes in helping those who struggle with co-occurring disorders, which has been increasingly acknowledged as a problem for people suffering with alcoholism and addiction. These can include, among others, depression, anxiety and trauma.

Some of the drugs people commonly become addicted to include cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and prescription pills like Vicodin, OxyContin and Ativan. Each of these drugs is very capable of luring individuals into devastating addictions. For instance, cocaine, in all its forms, is one of the most popular drugs, and people who become addicted to it speak of the euphoric feelings they experience when using the drug. However, as with most illegal drugs, the side-effects are dangerous and can be fatal. They include:

» Heart attacks » Strokes » Cardiac arrest » Paranoia

These dangerous side-effects from drugs or alcohol, which become more likely the longer a person regularly uses them, claims many lives in the United States each year. In fact, since 2009, more people in the United States have died from drug overdoses than from automobile accidents. In addition to cocaine and opiates, other “party drugs” like Ecstasy also can become addictive. Addiction comes in many forms, including prescription drug abuse, which has reached epidemic proportions.

Seasons In Malibu is the right choice for men and women seeking to break their dependency on alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs. Whatever you are struggling with, Seasons has a group of highly trained, experienced and compassionate professionals, who will customize a program specifically for you, to help you achieve long term sobriety and a better life.

Dual Diagnosis

An important and sensitive condition to also treat when it comes to addiction or alcoholism is dual diagnosis. This is also referred to as co-occurring disorders (COD). It requires experts who specialize and are experienced in treating people with these issues. What is a dual diagnosis? It refers to people who suffer from another major disorder besides their dependence on drugs or alcohol. The other disorder could range from an eating disorder to being diagnosed as bipolar. Other co-occurring disorders include depression, anxiety and trauma. Whatever the COD is, it has been discovered that by treating both problems at the same time, the patient has a much better chance at long-term recovery.

More and more research has shown that addiction is not an isolated problem, and often stems from other emotional and psychological disorders. So for a person to recovery properly, one has to heal the entire person, not just one isolated part. This means that understanding the entirety of an individual’s addiction and COD is required to provide the most effective treatment program for them.

Treating clients with dual diagnosis is very important; because oftentimes clients have a complex set of problems and could suffer from very serious consequences if not treated in the correct way. They are more likely to become homeless, relapse, or exhibit self-destructive behaviors if they do not receive the proper care. While some people have treated their addiction and COD separately, treating them both at the same time, with an integrated program of care, is truly the most promising and effective way to help end the suffering once and for all. At Seasons in Malibu, that’s what we try to do every day.

Benefits of Rehab in Malibu

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The facilities at Seasons allow our clients to experience firsthand what the benefits of luxury rehab are, from the top-quality staff, including Cordon Bleau trained chefs, to our amazing campus, we offer our clients a great variety of activities. Because of how in-depth and intensive treatment is at Seasons, the facilities offer a welcome source of release. Located overlooking gorgeous, Zuma Beach, the campus stretches over 3 acres, and clients have daily, unimpeded access to the beach. While other California rehab centers may claim they’re close to the beach, Seasons in Malibu truly is. Further, our clients can partake in a wide range of activities, such as:

» Yoga on the beach
» Surfing
» Hiking
» Swimming
» Kayaking
» Tennis
» Acupuncture
» Massage
» Cranial Sacral Therapy
» Fishing and Whale Watching

Statement from the Chief Operating Officer

I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful and renowned treatment facility. Each day brings a new set of challenges, and each day the Seasons team, which includes Client Advocates, Case Managers, highly trained Clinicians, Doctors, Chefs, Groundskeepers and, of course, the Executive Team, led by CEO, Don Varden, rise and face those challenges head-on, with humility and integrity, and, much more often than not, find the right solution and the proper result, in a way I believe is over and above any other like facility in the world. - Dr. Sheila Shilati

Holistic Addiction Treatment

One of the trademarks of Seasons is our emphasis on holistic addiction treatments. More than just the latest trendy treatment, holistic treatments for addiction are a huge step towards helping people achieve long-term recovery, and understanding that addiction stems from a variety of different factors.

Much like co-occurring disorders, understanding more the holistic treatments that will best counteract addiction and hasten recovery is part of the Seasons protocol. Additionally, we offer classes in nutrition and incorporate regular exercise into the treatment regimen, further promoting balance between the body and the spirit.

For You or a Loved One

One of Seasons in Malibu’s main goals is to be accessible to the public. We know how hard it is for someone struggling with alcoholism or addiction to make that first call for help, and our caring, counselors are literally standing by 24/7, waiting for you or a loved one to initiate contact with us and make the important first step towards recovery. We are dedicated to handling all conversations or emails with the utmost care, respect and privacy.

Our experienced admissions counselors are ready to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. They will walk you through the process of what becoming a client of Seasons entails and explain the features and the benefits of our exclusive, multi-dimensional program.

They can answer your questions about insurance coverage and, if applicable, check your insurance benefits to see what amount your insurance company might pay towards your treatment. Many people will understandably be quite nervous about making this first step to get help, but our caring and experienced counselors will explain to you in detail answers to questions that you will be most concerned about. You will receive answers to:

» The costs and payment structure
» If your health insurance can be used for treatment
» Transportation options
» The process and benefits of inpatient rehab
» What special amenities Seasons offers

And, of course, you will be invited to visit and tour our beautiful facility; steps away from Malibu Beach, to witness firsthand what life at Seasons in Malibu will be like, while a client of ours.


Upon checking in to Seasons, clients undergo a comprehensive evaluation, where one of our highly qualified MDs, if applicable, will start the medical detox process. This is a crucial first step towards beginning the recovery process and, unlike many facilities, is done within our treatment center with experienced, 24/7 supervision. By admitting to Seasons, you will have the benefit of starting the detox process under the experienced and watchful eye of medical doctors with degrees in addictionology, who will ensure you get the safest and most comfortable detox possible.

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Seasons in Malibu Costs

Because of the complexity and expense it costs to deliver world-class addiction treatment with the passion our entire staff brings to the table, Seasons isn’t the cheapest option for treatment out there. But, because of our dedication to maintaining a high success rate, it’s an absolute requirement that we have the resources to provide our clients with luxury rehab and treatment of the finest quality. When it comes to receiving high-quality care for addiction, this is when shortcuts shouldn’t be taken. While considering the costs, it should be remembered that the process of life-altering, inpatient rehabilitation will inevitably save you money over the long term. The costs of alcoholism and addiction can be immeasurable in terms of broken relationships and marriages, lost careers, medical bills, jail and, ultimately, lives cut short.

The bottom line is that the most important consideration for coming to Seasons in Malibu should be how deeply you want to recover from your addiction and start living the life you were meant to live. Learn more about the costs associated with drug rehab.

What to Bring

Seasons will provide you with all the amenities you will need, and please keep in mind that to ensure no drugs or alcohol are brought in, we advise you to only bring basic supplies, such as clothing and personal hygiene items. At Seasons you will enjoy 5-Star care and treatment in unsurpassed surroundings.

Clients are served delicious and healthy food, created by our Cordon Bleau trained chefs, who are experienced in catering to anyone’s particular food needs. We endeavor to create a warm, supportive environment where your only concern and focus should be on your recovery.

Laptops and Mobile Phones

Seasons believes that part of learning how to live with long-term sobriety is not to be completely cut-off from the world while receiving treatment. At some point, our clients will have to return to it. You are free to bring your laptops and cell phones, which after 3 to 5 days of stabilization, will be returned to you for use while not in sessions. We have Wi-Fi throughout the facility and provide printers and fax machines as needed.

For men and women who will miss their family or other loved ones, please bring photos or other keepsakes as inspiration and reminders of why you have chosen to enter treatment. You should view inpatient rehabilitation as an opportunity to have a respite from the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life. It’s okay to put your outside life in the back of your mind. It’s also okay to not leave the outside world completely. At Seasons you have a choice, while you will be undergoing intensive treatment to put you back on the right path.


Anyone who has ever loved or cared about someone with alcohol or addiction problems knows how hard it is for that someone to finally admit it is a major problem. And, in some cases, the problem becomes so extreme and out-of-control that it truly becomes a matter of life-and-death, to convince that individual to get help. This is when an intervention might need to be staged.

An intervention is when people orchestrate a meeting with an individual they believe to be ruining their life or marriage because of serious drug or alcohol use. The subject of the intervention is usually confronted by many close people, friends and family members, who will recite to the individual why addiction is so destructive and why they have come together to have this intervention.

They may issue ultimatums, and the meetings sometimes become a highly charged and emotional event. This is why having a professional, Interventionist present to supervise the meeting and keep everyone on the same page, with the same goal, is very important. At heart, an intervention will force an individual to truly have to face the costs of addiction, such as:

» Losing custody of children
» Being cut off from friends and family
» Losing their livelihood
» Going to jail
» Facing the devastating health risks

An Interventionist will generally meet with the people staging the intervention beforehand and create a plan so that the intervention has the highest chance of success. If you believe that a loved one is in need of an intervention, you can contact Seasons in Malibu to find out more about the process and to speak with one of our Interventionists. By doing do, you may actually save someone’s life.


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Another huge benefit of receiving treatment at Seasons in Malibu is that we understand that the journey of recovery continues after our client’s time at Seasons has ended. Aftercare is extremely important to maintaining long-term sobriety. It can be an extremely stressful time for someone who is trying to transition back into their life but is still vulnerable. In essence, one has to figure out how to re-live a life without the crutch of alcoholism or addiction. This is why Seasons believes so much in offering our clients aftercare support.

The Seasons Aftercare Program allows our alumni to maintain easy access to the counselors, case managers and Primary Therapists they met with and formed a bond with while in treatment at Seasons. It also allows for clients to continue to integrate their families into their counseling and therapy, and stay actively involved with the addiction therapy community. By adding this component to your treatment protocol, not only will it make the transition to the outside world less stressful and alien, it will greatly increase chances for long-term success.

Sober Companions

In addition to aftercare, Seasons also offers the help of a sober companion. A sober companion is someone who spends time with a client during their regular life, to get them acclimated to life without addiction. They will offer advice, support, and help to clients transitioning to their new life, free of drugs and alcohol. They will get you involved in local support groups, find you a sponsor, if applicable, and take you to your first meeting with a qualified therapist back home. Many sober companions have had problems with addiction themselves and can offer invaluable guidance and insight to our alumni. Seasons proudly offers sober companion services at the request of the client.

Addiction is something that you can and will overcome with the right treatment and dedication. Seasons in Malibu has a high success rate because we view our clients as individuals with individual needs, who deserve the absolute best in evidence-based, addiction treatment and aftercare. This is what motivates us. This is our commitment to you.

Statement from the CEO and Founder

My name is Don Varden and I am the CEO and Founder of Seasons in Malibu. I would like to thank you for taking the time to review Season’s website. Seasons in Malibu provides addiction and alcoholism treatment like no other treatment center around. The results speak for themselves. We have been independently rated as one of the top rehab centers in the world. Come to Seasons and tour our facility, meet with our clinical staff and find out for yourself why our personalized, one-on-one approach to addiction treatment makes us the best choice for you or a loved one to finally achieve long-term sobriety.

If you or a loved one is struggling with alcoholism or addiction, please call one of our
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