“I've been through 15 treatment centers, psych hospitals and institutions. I learned so much from Seasons about myself that wasn't addressed at other facilities. Issues that needed to be dealt with on a one on one level. Thank you Seasons for helping me and my family.”
Carl B, New York


Drug Rehab Admissions

The admissions process into Seasons is based on our philosophy of respecting the patients and the patients’ families by giving them the personal resources required in their time of need.

By calling the number listed here now, you will be contacting a trained admissions counselor who can personally take you through the process of committing to the Seasons Treatment Program as well as life-long sobriety, and then begin the admissions intake process.

Admissions Counselor

Your admissions counselor will stay with you from that first phone call through your arrival here at our Malibu treatment campus. They will:

  • Explain the fee structure of treatment and policies of payment and insurance support
  • Help you arrange transportation to Seasons and any assistance in transport
  • Describe what to bring with you to inpatient drug rehab and what to leave at home
  • Answer any other questions you may have.

Upon arrival, your admissions counselor will personally greet you and assist you through the initial intake process. Accompanying your admissions counselor at your arrival will be your personally assigned client advocate. Your client advocate will give you an orientation, provide you with the materials required for your treatment program, and explain your schedule for the first day and the next.

Tour The Five Acre Campus

They will also give you a tour of our five acre campus. Throughout your stay, that same client advocate will be your personal advocate, making sure you get what you need and that your treatment is flawlessly executed. They will get you settled into your room, help you to know what you can expect to happen, and are available day and night if you have any questions. You will never be without a way to ask for help or to get your questions answered during your time with us.

Speak To A Counselor Today

After your first night with us, you will find a personalized schedule delivered to your room in the morning. Your schedule will be posted daily throughout your entire stay at Seasons.

Upon arrival, you will have a medical assessment done by our MD, who will supervise any detoxification and give specific instructions to our staff and to the patient regarding the detox. Our staff will take the doctors orders and execute them with attention to detail and care. Depending on your addiction, quantity of use, and drug of choice, you may be resting more during the first few days after arrival. It is our intention to get you up and moving through treatment as quickly and comfortably as possible, but we do want you to take whatever rest you need first.

When you get to experience your first meal at Seasons in Malibu you will discover another of our differences from other residential treatment centers – the quality of food and the gourmet attention to quality, taste, freshness and health that our executive chefs give to each meal they create.

Between meals there are plenty of snacks and drinks to keep you hydrated, focused, and healthy.

Call now and our admission counselors will answer and turn your commitment to get better into a life long sobriety. But first you have to call. Now.

Free Travel To The Treatment Center

Our “Get Help Now” offer of free travel to our Malibu Campus

If you call our admissions counselors within 30 minutes of signing on to our website, and you end up admitting to Seasons Recovery Centers today, we will pay your airfare anywhere in the United States for tomorrow. You get yourself or your loved one into treatment fast and we pay the way. Call now (866) 780-8539!

Use the redeeming code “free airfare”

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