“I've been through 15 treatment centers, psych hospitals and institutions. I learned so much from Seasons about myself that wasn't addressed at other facilities. Issues that needed to be dealt with on a one on one level. Thank you Seasons for helping me and my family.”
Carl B, New York

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Addiction is quite often a crisis by the time you or your loved one are looking for help.   If you are looking for help today,  most likely you needed help a while ago, and you need to take the steps to get that help today.

Addiction risks the health, freedom and wealth of everyone in its grip and it is time right now to take the steps to take control of your and your families life,  time to allow you and your family to be free of this burden now and forever.

Our “Get Help Now” offer of free travel to our Malibu Campus

If you call our admissions counselors within 30 minutes of signing on to our website, and you end up admitting to Seasons today, we will pay your airfare anywhere in the United States for tomorrow.  You get yourself or your loved one into treatment fast and we pay the way. Call now (866) 780-8539

Seasons in Malibu invites you to request more information for yourself or a loved one.  We specialize in many different addictions and behavioral disorders and are a fully licensed co-occurring treatment facility providing top rehabilitation services for alcoholics.  If you or a loved one needs help please CALL NOW or fill out the form below and one of our dedicated admissions counselors will contact you as soon as possible to discuss our individualized program that would best fit your needs.

Seasons In Malibu drug rehab offers world class addiction treatment in Malibu, CA. Call us now (866) 780-8539!
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